Music videos

Music Video

In some ways, music videos have become just as important as songs due to the way we consume music. For anyone who disagrees, remember that the largest music streaming service worldwide today is YouTube.

At One More Frame studio, we have immense experience in filming and post-production of music videos. Our portfolio contains over 15 music video clips with a total of over 10 million views online. A significant number of those videos we made for the man with the best “flow” and the “fastest mouth” in Bulgaria – the rapper F.O. We’d love to help you create a music video that is a precise and creative representation of your musical masterpiece.

F.O. & PEEVA – Pomnish li

The tradition is kept and F.O. & PEEVA send another...

Ember & Dust – Drown In Sins

It was a big pleasure for us to shot the...

F.O. & PEEVA – Lichnata

We can talk about this song for hours but we...

5 minuti slava
F.O. – Za 5 minuti slava

Another unique song with very deep meaning which stays in...

F.O. & PEEVA – Moryakut

Another very beautiful performance from F.O. & Peeva. We filmed...

F.O. & PEEVA (Mitevi) – Kvartala

In the suburb neighbourhoods, surrounded by panel residential buildings, life...

F.O. – Ot Vcera

Yet another great lyrics and another epic performance. In addition...

One More Frame Studio offers a complete audio-visual product, from start to end.

Here is how the whole process works:

At this point, it is very important for us to fully understand your idea about the product video. Even if you don’t have a very clear vision and a script, we are going to develop your concept after discussing it in depth first.

We are going to gather the best team of professionals for the filming of your video. Through a storyboard created by us, you will get a good idea how your video will look. We will talk through the different details and aspects of the script. Only after that, we can start filming.

The time needed to shoot the movie varies depending on the particular project. For example, if you planned for 3 different locations(different address or even cities), filming days will most probably multiply. Because of this and because of many other reasons this is the most expensive stage of the production.

This stage is for Video editing. It includes reviewing, redacting and alignment of the raw materials. Animations, graphics and effects are being added accordingly to the script.

After the whole video is edited, the time comes for the color corrections – a very important finishing process.

Do you have a video project in mind?

We can craft exceptional videos and we'd like to hear more about your project.