Drone Videos

Drone Videos

People used to say that the skies belong to the birds. Well for quite some time now this is not true. Nowadays drones are widely spread and they can improve your business significantly.

There is a great variety of drones out there. The majority of people are still using smaller drones with built-in cameras often offering a 4k video resolution with a good image quality. There are also bigger flying platforms that can carry large DSLRs and even cinema cameras. Using our experience and knowledge we can pick the best “bird” and camera for your project.

Studena Dam – Official Video

Documentary video about the "Studena Dam", shot for company "Carpi...

Sofia By Night – DJI Phantom 4 Pro v2.0

Our first night flight over Sofia proved to be quite...

Double Drone

We decided to have some fun in the park the...

DJI Phantom Pro 4 V2.0 4K

That is first teaser of upcoming videos with our new...

Shots taken from above are very influential and offer a new perspective to everything infront of the lens. They can be used in a stand-alone aerial video or you can choose to combine them with traditional ground-level shots. This way your video will literally broaden the horizon for your audience and will get this last finishing touch every good film needs.Videos shot by drones have strong impact on people so they often get a lot of shares and comments on social media. As you can imagine this will show your products to a great number and variety of potential clients. And finally, everyone else is already doing it, so why not take advantage of that great new filming tool and stay competitive on the market.

Let’s say you have one of those big production facility or a giant warehouse. You have invested millions in working installations and buildings. Why not show them to the world? Let your clients explore. Not only from the inside but from the air as well. A good quality aerial video will certainly impress your potential business partners and make them see how serious you are about your business.

Drones can also take great photos with wide application. Quality aerial photographs can be used for your commercials, websites and presentations. Many architecture design studios use drone pictures to showcase their finished projects or to scout and plan terrains for future constructions.

Filming with a drone might seem like a piece of cake or even a child’s play but believe us, it isn’t. There are a number of risks and limitations that professional drone pilots should consider. A good pilot will provide good quality image and camera movements while taking care of everyone’s safety. Weather conditions, the drone’s capabilities and other unexpected complications should always be taken into consideration.

Let the pros do their work

One More Frame can film your drone shots, edit them, enrich them with sound effects and music and complete them with graphics and text.

Take your projects to the skies 🙂

Sunset by the Tower

With the impressive height of 204m. , the TV Tower...

Capital Fort

Capital Fort is currently the highest building in the city...

Khizha Bezbog

Bezbog hut can be found in the heart of the...

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