Corporate videos

Corporate Video

High quality, creative and engaging corporate video can be crucial to the success of a business. Corporate videos are used to communicate with clients, display corporate culture, train employees or even announce new products and product updates.

Brothers of Bread

Our first corporate video is for the Baker Brothers. Very...

Corporate videos are typically long, in-depth videos that describe a given aspect of your business. A good corporate video can display and promote your entire business. You can also make it focused on certain aspects of your company like team building event. A big expo event participation or even a commercial flash mob.  We will help you embody your business through videos and show the world exactly how awesome it truly is!

At One More Frame, we offer complete and polished videos, from start to end.

Pre-preparation – At this point, it is very important for us to fully understand your idea about the corporate video. Even if you don’t have a very clear vision and a script, we are going to develop your concept.

We are going to assemble the best team of professionals for the filming of your video. Through a storyboard created by us, you will get a good idea how your video will look. We will talk through the different details and aspects of the script.

Filming time/days depend directly on the complexity of the project. This is the most expensive part of the production process.

This stage includes:

  • Video editing: Reviewing, and aligning the raw material. After the whole video is edited, the time comes for the colour corrections.
  • Sound Design: At this point, the sound designer will do his best to achieve a perfect balance between video and music.

Do you have a video project in mind?

We can craft exceptional videos and we'd like to hear more about your project.