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Corporate Video

Nowadays we live in a very dynamic and competitive world. To stay ahead of your competition you need to use a number of different marketing and business techniques. One of the most efficient means to draw the attention of your potential clients and partners is the corporate video. Your company’s good rating is important for both your business relations and your employees. Presenting the firms work environment in a pleasing and attractive way will invite professional assets to your collective. Don’t forget about the social media of course.

Corporate videos can also be used to present and convey your business ideas and practices inside the company. You can also include a social initiative of yours in the video. This will help your company’s image by presenting it as a partner for a better life instead as a cold money-making machine in the eyes of the public.

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Our first corporate video is for the Baker Brothers. Very...

In short, a good corporate video can display and promote your entire business. The focus of the clip, of course, can be a certain detail or aspect of your company. You can also use it to make a quick presentation of a team building event, a big expo event participation, commercial flash mob, satisfied clients comments and many other things. Showing all those initiatives, combined with other marketing strategies, will certainly help your business grow.

One of the main differences between a corporate video and a traditional television commercial is the length of the clip. Corporate videos are usually longer, giving you the opportunity to present your business in depth. So, it’s good to be long enough to make a point and, at the same time, not too long (the average attention span for adults is about 8 seconds)

Tell us about your business and goals and will find the best solutions for your corporate video. At One More Frame, we offer complete and polished videos, from start to end.

The stages your corporate video will undergo:

Pre-preparation – At this point, it is very important for us to fully understand your idea about the corporate video. Even if you don’t have a very clear vision and a script, we are going to develop your concept after discussing it in depth first.

We are going to assemble the best team of professionals for the filming of your video. Through a storyboard created by us, you will get a good idea how your video will look. We will talk through the different details and aspects of the script. Only after that, we can start filming.

Filming time/days depend directly on the complexity of the project. This is the most expensive part of the production process.

This stage includes:

  • Video editing: Reviewing, and aligning the raw material. After the whole video is edited, the time comes for the colour corrections – a very important finishing process.
  • Sound Design: At this point, the sound designer will do his best to achieve a perfect balance between video and music. This is a very complicated and hard process. Here in One More Frame Studio, we know how important the good sound design is for every film we make and we put great effort in this final stage of the product video production.

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