Commercial video

Commercial Video

At One More Frame, we are entirely familiar with the processes of creating incredible TV and digital video commercials. We will embrace your company, product and brand and create a meaningful commercial that truly speaks to your target audience and provides the highest return on your investment. You can expect our full involvement in the execution of your project – everything from creative development, casting, script creation, shooting, sound engineering, post-production and graphics.

Whether you’d like to reach a wide audience through a TV commercial or a smaller targeted audience through a digital commercial, we’ve got you covered.

Cristal Burger
Crystal Burger (cinema spot)

A very “delicious” commercial we made for the best burger...

Edo Sushi & Teppanyaki – Official Sushi Video

If you are looking for real and authentic sushi, this...

Internet advertising, on the other hand, gives you the opportunity to target specific groups of people. You can choose from a variety of features, which will efficiently select and “attack” different people on the social media with your videos. Location, sex and social status are just a few examples.

Did you know, that video clips are the easiest and cheapest way to reach a maximum number of potential clients online?

We could even help you create a stunning multimedia commercial for cinema trailers or video walls at stadiums and arenas.

мейкинг на Edo Sushi
Edo Sushi & Teppanyaki – Official Teppanyaki Video

The Indonesian Master Agus Tantoui shows us the art called...

Child abuse

Making this video opened our eye for one very disturbing...

How can we help with the successful advertising through a commercial video? We are offering a complete and full package of video production services from start to end.

At this point, it is very important for us to fully understand your idea about the commercial video. Even if you don’t have a very clear vision and a script, we are going to develop your concept after discussing it in depth first.

We are going to assemble the best team of professionals for the filming of your video. Through a storyboard created by us, you will get a good idea how your video will look. We will talk through the different details and aspects of the script. Only after that, we can start filming.

Filming time/days depend directly on the complexity of the project. This is the most expensive part of the production process.

The post-production stage includes:

  • Video editing – Reviewing, and aligning the raw material. After the whole video is edited, the time comes for the colour corrections – a very important finishing process.
  • Sound Design – The sound designer will achieve a perfect balance between video and music. This is a very complicated and hard process. Here in One More Frame Studio, we know how important the good sound design is for every film we make and we put great effort in this final stage of the product video production.

Do you have a video project in mind?

We can craft exceptional videos and we'd like to hear more about your project.