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We live in a world where technological development and innovations are moving forward faster than the speed of light. One of those innovations is particularly interesting for us video makers and our clients. Animation has many forms and aspects and nowadays it’s getting more and more complex and popular by the minute. Being such a good marketing tool, it can be used for almost anything. Through animations, we can showcase the features of any given product or service, corporate portfolio and basically everything you can think of.

One of the biggest pluses of those videos is the fact that they can be very attractive and impressive which makes it very easy for them to grab the attention of people from all ages. In the modern world, a very large portion of the marketing and commercial industry is directing its attention to animations. Corporate videos, product advertising, commercials of all kinds, music videos and so on and so on. People from all those businesses are implementing animations in their products. We from One More Frame, work with professional animators and graphic designers.

There are many different types of animations. Some of the most widely-spread ones are 2D, 3D, stop motion, motion graphics and traditional. The working power of modern computers can transform any graphic, photo, text and object into an eye-pleasing animation with a lot of moving elements. And all of that, wrapped in a fictional or realistic environment.

Let’s take look at the stages through each animation goes during its creation:

At this point, it is very important for us to fully understand your idea about the animated video. Even if you don’t have a very clear vision and a script, we are going to develop your concept after discussing it in depth first.

We will create a storyboard which will allow you to get a good grasp of how your video is going to look. We will also propose a certain design for the graphics if you don’t have one already.

After the storyboard and the different designs have been approved, the actual work on the animation begins. This is a very long and complicated process and we might often contact you for feedback.

At this point, the sound designer will start working on the video by adding music, sound effects, foley and ADR and mixing them all together in the end. All those sounds are recorded in a professional studio.

In the end, you will get an animated video, capable of showing scenes and actions we would not be able to reproduce otherwise. Its attractiveness will occupy the attention of a very wide audience and as a result, your video will reach more people than you have ever imagined.

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