Adaptation Videos


If you are a foreign company which would like to adapt existing content to the Bulgarian market, we can definitely help.

One More Frame would love to adapt and rework your videos in a way that will resonate to your target audience.

SmectaGo(tv spot)

One More Frame adapts existing French advertising to the Bulgarian...

What we need from you?

  1. An original audio with separated audio tracks including voice-over, music and sound effects.
  2. A high resolution video footage without any text on it.
  3. Envelopes (for products), the text in Bulgarian (if you want any inscriptions in the video) and text for the voice-overs.

What is going to happen after that?

One More Frame will take care of everything else! We will embrace and understand your business and the original version of the media you have sent. If you are unable to provide us with a brief or storyboard, we will create a storyboard from scratch. Once the idea is presented and approved, we will begin working on your adaptation.

This process usually consists of three stages:

Our first job is to adapt the sound. Therefore we use a professional sound recording studio. If your video includes a voice-over, we hire professional actors to read/sing the texts. During this process, we always invite our clients to attend to the live recordings. This way any problems and mistakes can be discussed and fixed right from the start. After everything is properly recorded we move to the second stage – the video editing

An experienced video editor will now overlay the prerecorded sounds on the original video. Additional text and subtitles will be added and color corrections will be made if needed. This whole process is being supervised by the producer assigned to your project.

During the final and very important stage, a sound engineer will mix the sound effects, the voice-overs and the music. He may also add “atmosphere” and other sounds in order to make the adaptation successful and complete. After the sound engineer is ready he will return the mastered sound to the video editor for a final export.

At One More Frame, we give great significance to the whole post-production process. The great results and the audio-visual products we adapted speak for themselves.

Do you have a video project in mind?

We can craft exceptional videos and we'd like to hear more about your project.