The corporate video is a very important part of any modern marketing strategy and it helps to develop your business. Except for advertising, it is also used to educate and even to make the people watching it laugh, thus being capable to enhance your company’s performance in many different ways. In this article, we are going to talk about a couple of different corporate video types.

In the classical form of the corporate video, a voice behind the scene is telling us a beautiful story about a certain company, let’s say a candy factory for example. Well framed and vivid shots show us the working process and the surroundings. Melted chocolate is pouring in giant containers, candies come out in all kinds of forms and sizes. Happy looking employees take the candies right from the production lines, test them and prepare them for packing and transportation. Delicious right?

Besides the narrator, in this kind of videos, we are usually going to include a couple of phrases from some of the workers in the factory or the office. The purpose of such a clip is not to advertise a certain product. But to meet the audience and your future partners with your company. You can show them during presentations and business conventions. And if you decide to harness the power of the internet in your marketing campaign? Those videos can reach millions of new clients, partners and investors for your business.

TV commercials always catch the viewers eye, but they are often very short because time on television is quite expensive. In such a short spot, you can’t really tell much details about your product. The buyer usually needs more info before he purchases it. This is where a product-oriented corporate video comes in handy. Imagine that you are selling a swiss army knife of some kind. In a single corporate video, you can show the full gamma of its properties and real-world applications. Or maybe you produce furniture and you want to make a video showing how to assemble an office chair or a desk, step by step because watching is way easier than reading endless and complex instructions. The possibilities are endless and with some tips from a professional cinematographer, you can get amazing videos to place right next to your products on your website.

Corporate videos can also be used for educational purposes inside your offices or manufacturing facilities. Whenever a new employee is hired, he must be introduced to the new workplace. By simply watching a short film he could learn all he needs to know about his new position.  This way any new asset to your team will be able to step up to the job quickly and efficiently.

In another situation, you may need to change an important software you are using in your office. With a good-composed corporate video, you can introduce all your employees to the new piece of software or any other change in that line of thoughts, all at once. That kind of clips is usually intended for “in-house” use. You can, of course, upload them to your website with a password that only your employees will have. This way it will be kept inside the firm. But at the same time, it will be easily accessed by the people its made for.

Most of the companies nowadays like to organize team buildings. Also other similar events in order to make their employees feel more adorable and happy about the work they do. Those parties provide games and entertainment not only for the workers but also for their families. They are also a good occasion to get it back to your boss by kicking his ass in some kind of game may be, without having to worry about your position in the firm.

That kind of meetings usually bring a lot of good vibes and it is always good to film them, because why rely only on memories when the good times are over? Once you have the shots taken you can use them in many different ways. Creating a surprise video for the boss from the employees or the other way around. Or maybe a holiday wish for your clients and partners. All those videos invoke smiles and good mood. They can be projected on company meetings and events or uploaded on the internet. The world will learn more about your business and activities through social networks or the sites for video sharing. New workers and clients are waiting to be impressed by the good conditions and offer you have in store for them.

As a conclusion, the corporate video is a very powerful tool for promoting and enhancing your practices. Learn how to use it properly and your business will grow.