One of the most frequently asked questions about each product in our line of work is: “How much does it cost?”. The price for any given corporate movie is formed by a number of factors. Before you get to ask about the price of your video, it’s a good idea to first talk about its contents. How do you want your video to look and so on? In this article, I will describe and explain, how the different components and aspects of the corporate clip influence its price.

A product or a creation?

Perhaps I made a mistake by calling the corporate movie – “a product”. In fact, it is a creation, in which its creators put on their creative vision. The quality of the end product depends on the creativeness and professionalism of the team, responsible for its production. Of course, the whole thing can be done by a single man, the “one-man orchestra” as we like to call it, but this is a rare occasion.

Most of the times, such projects are executed by a large team of professionalists. Such a team might include a screenwriter, director, one or more operators, sound designer, video editor, production designer, assistants, and others. Depending on the project’s goals, the according team is formed. And each one of those people has its own price, depending on the role he has in the project. You should think of that price as a projection of one’s experience and capabilities.

If you want a good quality product, you should hire a good team.

Nowadays you can film with almost any device around you. Even some toys can shoot video. The variety of filming equipment is enormous. You can film with a smartphone, DSLR, video camera or high – end cinema cameras. The price varies a lot and the choice must be pursuant to the goals of the end product. Besides the camera itself, a number of other technical equipment is needed. Such as cranes, stabilization systems, lighting, drones and so on.

Of course, your corporate video will not only have a picture but also sound. And there is a lot to think of here. If someone is going to say a few words about your activities, an interview has to be set up. If you want a narrator to tell your story as the video goes, his voice should be recorded in a studio. Will, you simply buy a ready to use a piece of music for your video, or do you want as to compose a new one, exclusively for it? All these things should be considered because even the most beautifully filmed video can get completely ruined by bad sound design.

Do not underestimate the sound!

After the filming stage is done, the post-production begins. For this, you need a good video editor and a montage station. The best shots are being chosen. The video gets color corrected. The sound designer processes the sound and mixes the music with the voices. It’s very hard to name an exact price tag right off the bat, but generally, the longer the clip is, the longer the production itself takes. Also, your corporate video can be partially or fully animated. The animation could be 2D or 3D, simple or more complex or it could only be some animated text. The price depends on the complexity of the animation and usually, it’s charged per second of video.

Another component that adds to the price of the whole production is the very location or locations where the movie will be filmed. If it’s far away, funds for transportation, food and even hotels if needed, should be provided. A team that is taken good care of, is always more productive and consistent in its work.

There are a lot of other things that have to be taken into consideration, like hiring actors, paying for a filming permit for a certain location, renting a studio e.t.c. When all those components are discussed and the final plan is ready, you will have your end price. It can be very confusing and intimidating to consider and calculate all those things, so don’t be afraid to ask. One More Frame Studio is here to help you. Together we will develop your ideas into a completed corporate film, starting from scratch.

The corporate video helps develop your business. It is one of the most efficient and sophisticated instruments for modern corporate marketing.