December 28Th, 1895 is considered to be the birthday of cinema. On that day, in the “Grand Cafe” of Paris, the Lumiere brothers organized the very first paid screening in the world. 33 spectators gave 1franc each in order to see “The Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat Station”. Despite the fact the movie is only 50 seconds long, it succeeded to give to the audience a very good dose of fear, terror and even panic.

The people started screaming as the train was getting closer to them on the screen. The technics that Luis Lumiere presented back then was something completely new and unseen before. The journalists didn’t pay much attention to the screening because of more relevant events, but the rumor about the movie spread around Paris in no time. Only a month later, long lines of people were waiting in front of the famous cafe to see “moving pictures”.

Only two decades later, people start calling it art.

The term “seventh art” is first used by the writer Richito Canudo who defines it as “plastic in motion”.

The first film festival is organized and took place in Cannes, in 1946.