We are a full-service film studio that specializes in high-quality video production. Our mission is to help companies and individuals tell their stories. We embrace this mission through innovative ideas, bold storytelling, stunning cinematic production, intricate post-production and flawless sound design. Our attention to detail is immaculate so that our clients can focus on what they do best.

Мартин Петров (Martin Petrov)


If you’re looking for a concept, direction or editing Martin is your guy. Licensed director and video editor he works with dedication and precision on every project.

Lyubomir Nedyalkov

Sound engineer

Do you remember movies before sound? We certainly don’t… Sound production has become an inseparable part of filmmaking, capable of causing the full palette of emotions. For a perfect blend between audio and video a professional is needed.

Емил Митов (Emil Mitov)

Sound Engineer

Do you need perfectly processed and recorded sound or original music? Emo is the man we trust. Extremely accurate and precise in his work and with a solid portfolio behind, including large European studios.

Алекс Василев (Alex Vasilev)

DoP (Director of Photography)

Precision in each frame and a sharp eye for every detail, Alex has a lot of experience behind him, both as a DoP and as a 1st and 2nd assistant. This makes it very useful during the shooting process.

Христо Христов (Hristo Hristov)

Drone operator

Do you need video or footage from the air? Slow and smooth or fast and action footage – Itso knows and manages the drone with great precision and confidence. These qualities have been achieved with a lot of flying and more.

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