A video-production company

We are a team of young professionals dedicated to delivering the best audio-visual works.
To achieve this, we are focusing on: the quality of our images, the diversity of our ideas, the quality of the post-production and professional sound design.

Мартин Петров (Martin Petrov)


If you’re looking for a concept, direction or editing Martin is your guy. Licensed director and video editor he works with dedication and precision on every project.

Lyubomir Nedyalkov

Sound engineer

Do you remember movies before sound? We certainly don’t… Sound production has become an inseparable part of filmmaking, capable of causing the full palette of emotions. For a perfect blend between audio and video a professional is needed.

Just think about it: if a picture is worth 1000 words, how much does a video worth? While you give this a thought, here are some of the figures from our 5 years of producing videos.
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