If you know what you are doing, post-production is not the terrifying and time-consuming process people believe it to be. There is always an easy solution to this problem.

Show us your idea and we can pick the most suitable editor, colorist, sound designer or even composer for your project. For your convenience, one of our directors will monitor and guide the work from start to end. He will keep in touch with you, showing you the progress and consulting you about different aspects of the video production.This way you will be able to participate in the designing and developing stages of your video.

Our One More Frame Studio is established by professionals and we have a lot of experience in this trade. We got here by giving a lot of consideration to post-production, by using high-end sound and video editing software and by working with some of the best sound recording studio on all our videos.
Add to this the intense effort put in the color corrections by our colleagues in the post-production department and you get the idea what One More Frame Studio stands for.